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Posted: No Trespassing

Posted: February 1st, 2011, 5:25 pm
by mixalive
In the mid 90’s, my sound engineer friend, Dave Rees and I use to ride this huge piece of property called Government Canyon. This was an 8600 acre piece of property just outside of Helotes, TX that was Posted with No Trespassing signs that would later be opened as a State Park. Pretty cool riding. You could ride all day and never see the same trail twice. You had to sneak on the property at sun up and shoot deep into the woods before anyone could see you and call the Bexar County Sheriff’s Department. We would ride the single track for about 2 hours and drop down into what looked like a tunnel through the willow trees. The first time we stopped in the tunnel was to carb up, herb up and hydrate. We were sitting there when all of a sudden we heard this loud, mid pitched scream that lasted about 10 seconds… I almost crap my pants. :shock: We were trying to figure out which way to escape and the sound repeated it self. At that point I realized it had to be something man made so we continued another 100ft and turned right out of the trees and into this meadow. All of a sudden that scream came louder than ever. I looked up… It was a broken down wind mill… We laughed and went on our way. We then turned up into a patch of woods and within 40 feet; we came up to this semi dry mud pit. What the heck was this about? Looked like something a wild boar (pig) did. As we left the pit up the single track, we both distinctly smelled something like bad body odor. We both put it in high gear and hauled ass out of their believing we had smelled a boar hiding off the trail. Don’t tangle with boars in the wild without shotguns. Next we came up to this canyon complete with a moat. It reminded me of paintings I had seen of Native American teepees next to a river.. Awesome. We rode for another hour or so and found what was documented as an early American stage coach drop. Pretty cool stuff. That park is now open to the public and be seen at ... nt_canyon/ . I have not ridden it in about 14 years as when my wife realized we were trespassing, she forbid me to ride it.. Whatever… :roll: