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-PURGE- stable clearing : 'Cudas safe!

Posted: May 26th, 2015, 9:30 pm
by neo_pop_71
Hey my fellow 'Cudaheads,

I've been preoccupied with a liquidation sale of my bike project queue... 2 weeks I dumped 9 bikes and/or frames in various states of completion. Don't worry, none of my Barracudas were ever in danger. Holy crap! Do I hate dealing with Craigslist idiots and flakes... sign me up for mass dental work any day of the week!!! Eventually all went well enough and I was able to treat myself to a "stable clearing" purchase... I know what you're thinking but it's ironic! I've always been after a Bianchi "Cafe Racer" Milano in traditional Bianchi Celeste Green but my problem is the illusive 22" XL model never comes up for sale. Literally with the hot cash in my pocket from the 9th bike sale I see an add for an absolutely jacked up Milano for sale locally on Craigslist. It looks big, it's minutes away, and I the scratch in my pocket. The seller know jack squat about bikes, he monkey rigged this thing with "spaghetti" cables all over the place. He gives me the ol' Ali jab to my jaw when he hits me with the $160.00 asking price!!! I very nearly sucker punch for the fool for such an absurd asking price, I counter with pay me 20 bucks and I'll take this piece of sh*t off your hands! We go round and and round but I eventually walk with the bike, forty bucks lighter in the wallet, but it's my size and I see potential to this Celeste eye sour!

Here are a few before, 5 minutes later after I attacked it with my Craftsman wire cutters, and a sneak peak.

Re: -PURGE- stable clearing : 'Cudas safe!

Posted: May 27th, 2015, 1:06 pm
by vpc66
You already know my thoughts !