Newb here from Iowa

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Newb here from Iowa

Postby Loony1 » October 1st, 2016, 12:19 am

Hey all! After about four requests in the past two years or so, I'm finally in! No worries tho, it's all good!

About 10 years ago I bought an aluminium Barracuda frame in an eBay auction for something like $20. A steal I thought at the time as it was replacing my wife's beloved *stolen* custom-built Rockhopper. It was an amazingly-built bike. I digress.
Anyway, since this Barracuda was purchased sans paint, with no description in the auction, I have no way of really knowing; that is, of course, someone here can decipher the serial number. After checking many Web sites, I've concluded that it is a Ross-built frame, of one of the following models, but have no real way of knowing.
A2RS, A2E, A2V, Cuda, A2T. These models, VISUALLY in the brochures, appear to have the 'same' geometry; this bike is currently built up with a Manitou MARS Elite and it does not feel slackish handling, at all, thus leading me to the aforementioned model theories. Serial number is KA6010002.
Looking to re-paint and get a correct decal set on this, so that is the main reason for my query. Any help is MUCH appreciated.
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Re: Newb here from Iowa

Postby vpc66 » October 1st, 2016, 11:22 pm

Glad to have another Ross era owner on board, I have a Cuda comp myself. Sorry but I am not one to answer about what model it is from the code, I could tell you if it is the Comp you would have a Easton mark stamp into the tubing. Maybe Mix will show up sometime soon and give a reply, sad part is things have become slow around here with little action. Best of luck and hope to see more from you, some pic's would be nice matter what, enjoy your ride !
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