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the prospect of Barn Find Barracudas

Posted: February 25th, 2016, 7:31 pm
by mixalive
I have suspected for a while that with three Barracuda dealers within 90 miles of each other in my area, that there surly would be some barn finds to be had. You guys probably have seen my posts concerning my Yamaha RZ350 race bike build. Well, a neighbor had recommended this guy to do the tig welding on my frame. While checking on the work today, I mentioned something about Barracuda mountain bikes, and low and behold, he just happened to have a 93 12" A2R in his shed. Talk about luck. I think it just like neo-pop's Daughters bike. The next time I go over there, I will see if I can get some photos and serial numbers for the site. The purchase may not be had right now, but I know where it is.