Just a place where I'll post information regarding updates to the site(s) and perhaps some juicy information that's come my way..
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Post by Mark »

Today I was happy to receive a package from a former Barracuda employee. This package, among other items, includes a Barracuda windbreaker jacket, a folder of 2006 product marketing materials (photos, bike specs, etc) and a large book of original photo slides.


I'm going to have everything captured and scanned in the next while and will post them and update the site with this new material.

I just wanted to say that there are some really great people out there who value not only our members, but Barracuda fans everywhere and are happy to share this material. My hat's off to these kind and selfless individuals.

We're still looking for material, whether it be catalogs, print materials (of any kind), pictures (originals or scans), magazines, and even stories or first-hand accounts. Memories fade, and it's important to document what we can, while they are still somewhat fresh. Please reach out to me or post here if you have anything you'd like to share.

Thank you!

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Re: Jackpot!

Post by zoltanka79 »

That's just awesome!

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Re: Jackpot!

Post by neo_pop_71 »

Right on... can never have too much print material, looking forward to seeing the 'Cuda booty!

Hey Mark, is the A2Limited in the '93 catalog? One guy on Mtbr told me the A2L wasn't in any catalogs. Can you set the record straight? Maybe a photo or the catalog description, that would be great!

Thanks Grand Poobah!



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