Cool looking old Schwinn.

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Cool looking old Schwinn.

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Re: Cool looking old Schwinn.

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That's an easy one...

MOMBAT is your friend for vintage Schwinn (and Specialized) specs:
1986 Sierra
1987 High Sierra & Sierra
1988 High Sierra

The bike you're asking about is a 1987 Sierra. The color wasn't limited edition but it was limited to only 3 years and 2 models that came in black chrome. I've always been after one but I've never found one that was my size, not beaten, nor costing a fortune. The black chrome is a really cool finish! I've never understood why they did not do their top model the Cimarron in a black chrome, that would be the one for me!

Check out the cover of the premier issue of MBA from July 1986...

They reviewed the 1987 Schwinn Sierra as a "Banzai" bike but my favorite is in the bottom right corner... how to convert your 10 speed into a mountain bike... I'd love to see that!!!

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