Guidelines for posting to the marketplace

Barracudas looking for a home. Please post links to auctions, listings, etc.
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Guidelines for posting to the marketplace

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To make it easy to browse this forum, which I imagine will grow quite large after some time, please follow the below guidelines when posting:

Keep the Subject in the format of: YEAR - SIZE & MODEL - PRICE & CURRENCY
A good example would be: 1993 - 18" XXTeam - $150.00 USD
If the listing is an auction, substitute the word "AUCTION" where the PRICE would go.

In the body of the post, try to place a link to the URL where the item is listed, right at the top. Makes it easy for people to go and check out first-thing.

Include the full description of the posted item, including an email address or contact info.

If there are pictures, it's nice to include these, because over time, an ebay auction or craig's list post could be removed without the item selling. When that happens, the url and pictures are gone. By placing them in the body of your post here, they're preserved.