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The Barracuda Bicycle Company of Durango, Colorado produced bikes between 1993 and 1995.  In 1996, they were bought by Ross Bicycles of Farmingdale, New York.  Ross made very little changes in 1996, but as the years wore on, added more models and changed some specs of the existing line.

I have decided not to list bikes beyond 1998, mainly due to the fact that the models in those later years bore almost no resemblance to the original bikes produced in Colorado.

  1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998
$349.00         A2F A2F
$399.00         A2FS A2FS
$399.00     A2Z A2Z A2Z A2Z
$499.00       A2ZS A2ZS A2ZS
$499.00   A2B A2B A2B A2B A2B
$499.00 Crossfire          
$649.00           XFR
$699.00 A2R A2R A2R A2R A2R A2R
$725.00 A2Limited       A2BS A2BS
$759.00   A2RS A2RS A2RS A2RS A2RS
$899.00   A2M A2M A2M A2M A2M
$899.00         C2A  
$949.00   A2MS        
$999.00           XX FR
$1,049.00         XXC CAT X XC
$1,049.00 UAV         UAV
$1,099.00     XX Team XX TEAM XX Team XX TEAM
$1,199.00         C2F  
$1,299.00   A2E A2E A2E A2E A2E
$1,299.00     A2Fast      
$1,399.00   A2V A2V A2V A2V A2V
$1,499.00         C2K  
$1,499.00 COMP Lite          
$1,599.00           XFX
$2,199.00 A2T A2T A2T A2T A2T A2T
$2,499.00         XX FX XX FX
$2,499.00         XX XC CAT XX XC
$2,999.00 A2X A2X        
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