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Early on, the brains behind Barracuda saw the importance of sponsoring a professional racing team.  Not only did the brand get the exposure it deserved, but Team Barracuda was a force to be reckoned with.

Perhaps by coincidence, the pro team in 1993 consisted of Lisa Muhich and Greg Oravetz.  These riders showcased the largest and smallest frame sizes offered.

Year Name Role
1993 Scott Daubert Rider / Wrench
1993 Tammy Jacques Rider
1993 Lisa Muhich Rider
1993 Greg Oravetz Rider
Year Name Role
1994 Eric Carter Rider
1994 Craig Glaspell Wrench
1994 Jimmy Kight Rider
1994 Johnny O'Mara Rider
1994 Eric Sakadinsky Rider
1994 Matt Smith Rider
Year Name Role
1995 Juergen Beneke Rider
1995 Joe Buckley Wrench
1995 Eric Carter Rider
1995 Jimmy Deaton Rider
1995 Jimmy Kight Rider
1995 Stacy Miller Rider
1995 Johnny O'Mara Rider
1995 Eric Sakadinsky Rider

We were fortunate enough to come across a video produced in 1994 called "Triple Fat" which showcases an interview with Lisa Muhich and also features a tour of the Barracuda Bus.  Dave and Jon are the "Tour Guides" in this episode.

Were you a member of the Barracuda Team?  Please contact us, we'd like to hear from you!


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